Software help needed

Whats the best software for turning a breadboard project into a pcb or whatever I need to order it from a place like

I’m not sure what your criteria are for “best”, but lots of people use which you can find under the “resources” menu on the JLCPCB web page.

I am looking for software that can let me either build my breadboard project inside then it converts it to a PCB/file needed to order from jlcpcb or I can take a photo of my breadboard and it puts it into the program then converts to PCB. I don’t want to have to learn how to do a PCB layout and diagram and all that but if there isent any programs that do it automatically could you link to where I could learn how to make a PCB from my breadboard on easyeda? Also I have never done anything with PCB’s only breadboards I wanna move to PCB’s because some projects I have done I want to be permanent instead of buying more and more breadboards.

I’m very much in the same boat as you Jesse. I only know enough about PCB design to know I don’t know enough about PCB design! :laughing:

My usual source of information for things like this is YouTube and some websites. Maybe one day we’ll have a site like circuito that not only builds breadboard circuits for us but also PCBs. That would be awesome!