24VDC Motor using L298N


I have a 24vDC motor. Can anyone show me how to wire using Arduino, L298N, and a 12v to 24v adaptor?

Thank You


Good news, you don’t need the converter!
The L298 chip can handle up to 35V in its 12V port, so you can power it and the motors using 24V.
Connect your 24v power supply to the 12v port. (remember to connect its negative side to GND also)

One this very important, take off the jumper near the 12v port:

This will indicate the board to get its 5V supply from the 5V port rather than the on board regulator, which can handle up to 18V. If you don’t take it off, you risk burning the regulator.

Good Luck

Hi Ohad,

Thank you for your reply. Working on basic project with 24vdc motor. Have couple questions:

Input a 24VDC 20A to pin 4 and 5.

  1. Do I need to remove jumper 3?
  2. How does Arduino get it power? Is pin 6 or use external/USB to power Arduino?
  3. I am only use one motor. Should I use pin 1 and 2 or pin 13 and 14?
  4. How would I use pins 7 thru 12?