360º automatic photographic rotating platform

I am interested in mounting a rotating platform for photography, the project that I have seen automates the shooting through infrared, but in my case I have a Sony DSCH300 camera that I believe does not have this system or Wi-Fi, I would like help to connect the system swivel through a USB cable, if that were possible

Where does the cable connect to the camera? Top, side, rear, etc?

Do you want just 360 degrees, or more rotations?

I wonder if you could connect the cable, turn it "backwards) 180 degrees, then let it rotate once, you could get away with the cable connected.

Thank you for your response, in principle consult with SONY and my camera if you have infrared, therefore it is not necessary to connect it by cable, now I am trying to make the assembly according to the scheme they provide, but I have problems so that the LCD screen is recognized and the rotary encoder, when the arduino hunts, I get an error since he does not recognize the pins, I am in it and maybe I have to direct my query in that direction, a warm greeting

@paco_algeclon I am starting to order parts for the same build and would appreciate if you could share your learnings with me

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