6 Servos and an Arduino Uno


I know that this may be a simple question for some but I am having a hard time figuring out a proper answer for this.

I have 6 servos on a breadboard (I know, the worst thing I could do) and have them connected so that all 6 power wires are connected behind each other and all ground wires lead into one wire back to Arduino GND. I have 4 AA Alkalines in a battery pack at the end of the rail (Sorry I dont have a schematic, I am in a rush to have this completed for Wednesday).

My servos are HiTEC HS-311s with very little info given except that they run at about 5V.

I have access to Ceramic Capacitators, normal capacitators and voltage regulators.

If you could suggest a way with a breadboard that would be teriffic, if not the most I could do at this stage is some copper stripboard.

Hi Justin

It’s not clear to me what you’re asking. What are you unable to do or want help with?