Advance Speedometer

Making a Speedometer using a reed switch, then I want to have a specific speed limit to it, like for example, I will set the speed limit to 40 kph, so when the reed switch detects it, It will turn on the active buzzer to warn the rider about his/her speed, Is this possible?? If so, I also want to add a GPS and Bluetooth Module to it, GPS will automatically set the speed limit of the system according to the road where the user is traveling (Ex: is to connect it to Google Maps or Waze) and the Bluetooth module for a Bluetooth earpiece for the user to put on and make a text-to-speech “thingamabob” for the user… Are all of these possible?? If so, please help me with the code and everything, I’m only an Arduino Beginner, and I’m not so familiar with the components and coding.