Arduino based irrigation system


Hi, I´m willing to make an arduino based irrigation system


what kind for help you need??


Hi hammoude94,
I just begun with the project.
Thank you very much for your kind offer. Is it possible to get from circuit io the file to make the printed board?
I´m really newbie here . :wink:
Thnaks much!


sorry i don’t know.

i did not to try to do this.

and i didn’t use circuit io alote.


Hi Pedrito, I’m not exactly sure I understood your question. If you know which components you want to use for the project, then you can select them on and get a breadboard wiring diagram, and a test code. At the moment, our app doesn’t design the printed circuit board, but we’re working on it, in pro.
You can use this tutorial we made - as a reference for your project. If you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Anat from