Arduino in Java sites

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This is my first post in this page and I’d like to know if is possible an Arduino code explore a web page made with Java. Something like identify and select the objects in the page, like buttons, pictures etc and activate them to go tho the others sections of the site, like a person navigating it.

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I think this is possible, but I wonder why you’d want to do this. Accessing the internet world require something like a WiFi module and the code would be limited in comparison to what you could do on a PC.

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I have a computer with internet connection. I want to, using arduino, let the computer in a web site and after press a button or using a RFID card, the code fill an object in that site (like a input box or something lie that) and go to other section of the site. Actually, I want to use RFID cards as a login method.

How will the code on the Arduino communicate with the browser on the computer? Won’t you need some software running on the computer to handle the messages from the Arduino?

Arduino Leonardo can send commands to the computer emulating a mouse or a keyboard. In this case, I want it acting like a keyboard (preferencially). The arduino device is conected to the computer with an USB cable.

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Keyboards can’t read the web page. You’d have to assume the user has the page loaded and that the field in question has focus. You’d be “typing” blind from Arduino. I would not recommend this approach for a serious project but for a hobby project where you have control of the environment, it could work.

There’s a real risk though because of the user has notepad open, you’re Arduino would type the username and password on plain text for them to see.

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I used login / pass as an exemple. My idea is to create a RFID Card to be used in a web page. The page is based in Java and it has some fields. At the card, I will write a numeral ID and I want the code to identify what section is activated in the web page, identify the field “user”, then write the user number and identify the button “query” (or enter or the button to confirm the information typed). My question is if a C++ code can identify those Java components in a web page to select or deselect them and navigate throw the pages on that site.

This is a screenshot from the page thatt I want to use with my project. Is a brazilian healthcare site, and the card will be sent to the population who will use the public heathcare network (here, government provides free access to healthcare network)