Arduino Lawnmower


Good evening to everyone!
I am totally new and totally noob to programming variables,thats why i was extra thrilled when i came upon circuito,because all wiring and programming parameters are clear.
I put all the pieces on the diagram :

and i downloaded the for those components.
Unfortunately i get various errors when i try to compile the code from the :

and i could really need your insight as for surpassing those problems that i cant find a solution to them.

My project is to build an automated grass cutter,ideally a solar charged one,but at the moment i am so stuck as for compiling the code to upload.

Feel free to ask me anything concerning any other file you would like to see to get a better picture if the above ones are not clearly stating the problem!

Thank you so much in advance!


or a better code view ad downloaded and unzipped.Tried to compile without tinkering with anything and i get this error :



I see you are using an old version of the IDE. Try updating it to the newest one.
here is a link:

if this problem continues let us know