Arduino MKR1000 automated function and wifi self reporting test

Hello. I am trying to figure out how to make my MKR1000 run a self diagnostic routine. Here is the scenario. I am trying to monitor a power backup system, where if the power fails, the Arduino uses a photo-resistor to monitor the on and off condition of the backup system. When there is a power failure and a red light comes on the MKR1000 registers the change in state optically and send out an alert email. I got that part working.what I would like of to create a routine by which the Arduino runs automatic self tests to make sure it is functioning as expected to include checking and reporting that it is connected to the network.

Anyone has any ideas how to accomplish an automated self test to include a wifi diagnostics? Just in case I also need for the Arduino to report its status.

Thank you in advance for the help…

Dr. P

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