Autonomous sailbot


hi im a final year electrical student and im working on a autonomous sailbot which is supposed to give feedbacks and show properties such as wind direction speed etc. the problem is im supposed to use matlab which i suck at…i want to use arduino to program my sensors etc is the a way i could still use arduino to get feedbacks or a way to avoid the use of matlab?..will be glad to know thanks…

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Hi milly.
Congrats on reaching the final year!
You can use arduino with matlab using the Simulink plugin. more details here:

You can code the arduino to read sensors and pass the data to simulink using serial.communication.
Later on you can set up a wireless link to do the same (either using wifi connection to the matlab PC or relaying the data/commands with another arduino and cheap RF link like NRF24L01+).

Matlab is hard but it’s a great engineering tool to master.

If you need any further help let me know,