Bluetooth as a controller

Hi, I;m doing a project to create a line following robot that controls via bluetooth using mobile device. how can I control my robot to good to the endpoint of the line and and control it again to go back where the robot came from. please I need your help, I’m not familiar wit the project and i don’t know the code and i need an app.

Well, the app depends on what device you have and what Bluetooth module. Some Bluetooth modules don’t support ios while other support only ios, like the one I just bought 2 days ago. Regarding parts, you’d definitely need motors, a distance sensor so it doesn’t hit the wall, GPS location(to set its home), and also those line following sensors. They’re like the IR sensors that you can find on Amazon. Now, if you don’t want to use the GPS you can always use the same method that the company Roomba uses. Make a small object that your robot recognizes as a home pod sort of thing. That way it always goes there for “home” and is easily movable. :smiley:

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Hey, you can use our line follower robot as a reference, and add a Bluetooth module to the circuit. Regarding the return to the line, it’s done in the logic of the code. For example, whenever you want the robot to return, the mobile device will send a string to the robot, and it will turn around until it recognizes the line again.
Good luck!


thank you for the help, I appreciate it.

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thanks for the help.

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