Breadboard wires


How can I connect two wires to the same hole on the breadboard?
photo attached, please help!


unless I am missing your point, it looks like you’re tryin to use more than the five available "holes in the breadboard? Simply use the fifth one and link it to a spare "set of 5 holes and you now have 4 more to play with!
If this is not what you were looking for, perhaps a more detailed explanation of your issue would help


I think that’s exactly the issue @Sk1pper. I suspect the reason @Flobatear asked this is possibly due to a bug in circuito that puts more than one pin/wire in a breadboard hole?


Exactly!! I just don’t know what to do! Because all the 5 holes are occupied! so can i connect the 5v from the arduino to another place?


It’s not a good idea to try force two wires into one hole. @sk1pper suggested connecting that row to another one. If you look at the diagram you can see which holes are connected. If you add a wire from one of the green rows to another, you’ll connect them and you can then use the holes in the other connected green row because it’s now an extension of the original row.

Does that make sense? Sorry, I would draw it but I’m on my phone in bed (still early here).


Yah i kinda get it!! Your the best thanks so much!
A question can I connect the 5v from arduino to h bridge in a different spot? Just to avoid all of this


If I understand your question correctly, you want to know if you can do Figure 1 rather than Figure 2 correct?


No, not quite. I’ll see if I can draw a diagram.


Speaking of which, what did you use to make your previous diagram? Just a simple Microsoft Word thing?


I either found that picture or I did it with Paint.Net, which is what I’ve used for the following now that I’ve switched to my laptop.

If you connect the sockets with the red wire as in the following diagram, then all the sockets in red are connected. This means anything connected in row 10 is also connected to anything in row 12. You could of course use any two rows.


Now, rather than having five ports in row 10, you have 8 ports in rows 10 and 12.