Bthc-05 transmitting to bthc-06 moduel


i’m trying to get my hc-05 moduel to send to my hc-06 moduel. but as soon as i try to write the AT commands it does not seem to reseave the commands.
i upload an empty sketch to my arduino uno and open serial monitro and type in AT. nothing happends. i’ve also tryed to change the baud rate but it does not help.

could there be something i have missed or does it sound like my HC-05/06 may be broken?


Hi! I haven’t played with bluetooth comms but maybe if you upload an image of how the connections are made and the code itself, we can help you. Are there any LEDs that can help you get sure the sketch is being uploaded to the device? (I once got really frustrated once I discovered a “malfunctioning” device was not working because FTDI232 was not properly connected…)


Well there is a diode on the bt module that flashes. Which indicates that it has power. I am using arduino’s main coding program which tells you if the script gets uploded.

You don’t need to upload a program with a script an empty sketch is possible to. But I could always try and make a small sketch witch a separate diode.


I’m really new with arduino and my coding/electronic skills are very limited, but this kind of tricks are moving me forward to understand what I’m doing wrong when I got stuck. Sorry I can’t be more helpful! :s


Well you gave me something to try. Good luck with your further projects