Can someone please help me with this project


I am working on a project of automatic irrigation system.
The link is here :point_down::point_down:

In that I don’t have 4 channel relay module
But I’m having 2 channel relay module.
And I’m using DC pump instead of AC pump. Can I use 2 channel relay module or should I buy 4 channel relay module?
Can u please also write me a code for it

Please reply fast I have to complete this project as fast as I can



check this circuit out

If you are using a DC motor you don’t need to use a relay module at all (although you can).

build the circuit and download the code, it has test codes to show the component functionality. you will need to modify the code to reach the basic functionality you are looking for. a simple “if” condition would do the trick.


So actually I don’t know coding. Can u please code the program for me.
I’m working on a school project.
So please can you help me with coding.
And thank you :slight_smile::slight_smile: