Cannot load app screen!

Hi all, I’m an enthusiastic beginner and have recently discovered
Well done to the dev’s! Great job!

I created a little test “circuit” of just an uno and a Nokia 5110 screen.
This allowed me to see the excellent layout and capabilities of the app.

Unfortunately, I can not seem to be able to start again and create a new circuit!
I load the app and am met with the relevant screen, however the “Create and edit components” section is empty and the “Work area”, where the usual Uno/breadboard would appear, just has a red circle spinning around, as if it’s busy and I need to wait.
This does not change - the page never loads!

I tried a different browser, to no avail…

I would greatly appreciate any help anyone may be able to offer to resolve this problem as I was really looking forward to spending some time with this great and unique app!

Thanks guys!

Maybe this was just a temporary server side glitch, or something!?
It appears to be loading now!
I’ll post again if the issue returns!

Many thanks!

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