Canon Wireless Remote For older Dslr


Hey yall im looking to make a remote control for my canon rebel XSI due to the fact that they do not make one for my camera in a wireless option. im looking for some help. I currently do long exposures that can last anywere from a minute to 6 hours long of exposure ( Facebook Kosmos Connections) For examples. now its gonna be tough because canon is a pretty good company and im not looking to mod my camera just the remote.


what would the remote control be controlling? Is it going to move the camera for you?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


no so my photos are around a minute to almost 6hrs exposure rates. so i currently have a wired remote that sets the shutter on continuously. but when you got interference from lights every second counts so im looking to like either have something i can control wirelessly that would push button or that would do same concept as the controller. so its a aux stlye plug that is the smaller version 2.3mm. and about 2 months ago the controller was stepped on by myself trying to find it in the dark. it had dual aux end cable that if i wrapped a wire around the entire jack it would keep camera on just like the remote did.


Well, I wouldn’t recommend anything that physically clicks the button because that can damage your camera. Whether it’s from wear and tear or simply that the motor clicking the button would be too rough to take pictures at fast speeds. If you want to do something wireless, that’s completely possible, although it’ll probably be more expensive. if you want to use the cheaper option, then you should stick to wired methods. Wireless, in my opinion, is a really good idea. I’m not a photographer and I don’t know much about exposure rates and such. So if you can explain what that is and how the device you want to make would solve the problem that would be great.