Code to get personal user data from RFID Tag?


I am doing this:,9375,9376,11021,761981,761981

From the code of the link above, I’m testing out 2 RFID readers right now, and I see I can get the RFID serial just fine:

//Read RFID tag if present
String rfid_1tag = rfid_1.readTag();
//print the tag to serial monitor if one was discovered

However, I am stuck on getting the user’s data. I have written data like “Product 0001” into my tag already. This was done using another library at the time for just using only 1 RFID reader on the Arduino. I got the read data back correctly here.

Now, for this downloaded code I got from circuito (from the link on top), I’m not sure how can I get the user’s data back just like this example above on Github. I’ve tried reading through the given RFID.cpp file, but I’m not sure which method must I use to do this. How can I get personal data in this case? An example to read an RFID tag’s sector and block to a certain length, for instance, would be appreciated.


My apology for bumping the topic, but anybody…?


Did you see the example to read personal data?