Coding for arduino


Hey, so i teased serial monitor of my arduino works well, i am just stuck how to customize my code to work in the order i want? If anyone knows where i can start from!



You could post a link to your project so that we can see the same sample code you have, and then say what you want changed. Sometimes seeing what someone does is a great way to learn. I could help with explanations of the changes/additions I make.

But before you get help,

  1. make sure you and the person/people helping start from the same code,
  2. be clear on what you want changed or added
  3. if you don’t understand the change or addition, ask for help

Looking forward to seeing what you have and what you have in mind. :slight_smile:


Well, what order do you want the information in? Do you have lots of different feedback information that you’d like to be posted on the serial monitor? Here’s a piece of information that you might like. So you are obviously familiar with the Serial.Print function. Did you know there is a similar function called Serial.Println. Basically Serial.Print will print a whole bunch of information on the same line, rather than printing on the next line. So you’d have something like this:
Temperature: 50C Temperature: 51C Temperature: 49C
The Serial.Println will do something else, it’ll print each response on a separate line. For example:
Temperature: 50C
Temperature: 51C
Temperature: 49C

I hope this helps you. If not you might be able to find your answer on this Instructables article: