Connection problem


Whenever I try using the GSM SIM800 module with the NodeMCU 1.0 I get an error saying that there aren’t enough pins on the controller. Why is this so? I do not have any other components connected to the Node MCU.


Could you include a link to the circuito project so that we can try reproduce the issue?

I’ve attached an image and the link is:,360216

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I’ll have a look as soon as I use my laptop again. I tend to check this forum on my phone and can’t load circuito properly on my phone.

When I search for the SIM800 and hover on the component, I see this message appear:

This component cannot work with the current controller


I can only imagine that the component was added by someone without adding the support for Node MCU because clicking on the component shows that there is no test code and the component has not been verified.

If you’re feeling generous and have the skills, you can use the Edit button to edit the component and add support for Node MCU.

Yes I get the same problem. I don’t know how to edit the component. Maybe you could teach me?