Create topic for Articles Feedback please?


Please consider a topic to allow for article feedback. I would like to comment on the excellent article about online electronics stores.

My point (would have been) to do a shoutout to small local stores that can either order or carry bits from the various online stores.

In particular I would have liked to highlight EPO (Electronics Parts Outlet) in Houston, a locally-owned “hobby shop” that carries Adafruit, Polulu, and Sparkfun.

Charlie in Houston (aka CyberchuckTX)


Hey Charlie,

We had the option for adding comments in the past, but it became mostly spam comments so we removed it. I think that you brought up a great idea, and I’m sure this is something that’s already happening in many local stores in the States, but not so sure what’s happening out side of the US. You’re welcome to share the article so it reaches more people :slight_smile:
In any case, thanks for your support and feedback.
Anat from


Sigh. I understand your position.

I’ll try to send the article out to as many people as I can.

Thanks for responding,