Custom board design


Hi Everyone!

I need to design and manufacture a new board. The project is a 44mm round logic board running an ATMega2560 MCU, BLE cc2540, and peripheral chips (GPS, Sound, Accelerometer, etc.) It’s an Arduino compatible board in a small package with lots of features. I am seeking a board designer and a software engineer (for the MCU bootloader and BLE program). I intend to open source the board, design, and software as part of the project.

Who do you recommend?




Hi Frank

I doubt you’ll find anyone on here who can help you. It’s mostly beginners like me who use circuito. If I was in your shoes I’d see if I could encourage someone like Joop Brokking or Great Scott to collaborate with you. They might do it for free of they can make a video out of it, you just never know until you try.

Best of luck with the project, it would be interesting to see how it works out.