Defense Drone for Civilian Environment


I’m trying to design and build a drone to present to the police. The purpose of this drone is to save the lives of policemen as well as make it easier to apprehend the criminals.
So after a month of research, my team finalized with working around the H&K MP5 SFA3 due to its small size, high accuracy and low recoil and are now designing a drone that can maintain its accuracy by controlling the effect of recoil.

We are using the APM 2.8 flight control board our primary controller and are using the camera gimbal port so as to control servos such that the drone can tilt without moving forward, something similar to VTOL, but VTOL does not allow the drone to tilt and hover. So we are just manipulating the ports of a regular quadcopter and using the camera gimbal ports.
Unable to acquire the actual gun, we are making a compressed air gun (similar to what we generally use in paintball) that shoots BB projectiles.

So, I need to design and code an Arduino such that

  1. It takes the camera gimbal signal and duplicates it onto 4 independent channels
  2. Controls a push-pull solenoid to fire the gun’s trigger which will push a button
  3. Controls an air flow valve which is triggered by the button pressed in point 2.
  4. Controls another push-pull solenoid to reload the gun
    And all these steps 2 through 4 need to happen sequentially after each other.

Any advice will be appreciated


LOL, I had the same exact idea for a while now. I just didn’t know anyone that’ll be able to help with making it. Glad to see it’s being made though.


Use of our platform for military applications and/or life safety applications is against our ToS
I’m closing this topic.