Earn money doing an interesting an IoT Project


I am building a small unit (4M * 4M) and I would like to have IoT circuit inside to do the following:

1- Turn on the fan inside the unit when a person goes in.
2- Switch on the fan when the temperature is above 35 degrees Celsius.
2- Generate a daily/weekly/monthly report of number of people visited the unit.

I would like to get some professional help to do this and I am happy to pay for it.
I do not have time or the bandwidth to do the work, hence I would like the professional help.
Please reply if you are interested to do this piece of work.



Hi, alihafiz. I’m interested in your work. Can I get more detail about the condition of your work? How am I suppose to deliver the work for you?


Hi Narindech,
Thanks for replying to my post. Can you please tell more about your experience and how do you plan to go about this piece of work?
We can also arrange to have a Skype call.
SKYPE ID: alyemail.


You can use PIR motion sensor to trigger your fan when a person enters the area.
Also, you can use DHT11 to sense temperature.
Lastly, microcontroller with internet access like ESP8266 can handle the task. Or any controller with external memory as data logger for your report.


Salam Ali,
I see you are trying to pay someone to do this project for you. I just wanted to inform you that there is a website called Freelancer that you can post your job on. That way you get many experienced people to bid on your project and provide you with information regarding their expertise. Also, Freelancer better protects your information, such as Skype. Your skype information would normally be reveled after the job is bided on and you know who is going to do the job. Only then you information is provided to him. Just thought I’d help you finding workers and protect you private information.



Hi ,
This is harsha . you have great idea but for doing there is no need of iot .If u r interested i will help you for doing the another project

Which will be controlled all the appliances using google talk with web server

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