EasyDriver - Stepper Motor Driver | Compatibility with various motors


I am working on project " AUTOMATIC 360° PHOTOGRAPHY TURNTABLE". (Link https://www.circuito.io/blog/photography-turntable/)

I completed the setup well and made some successful changes in codes and its working fine.

My query is - current project is with small stepper motor and easydrive (same as informed in said project), which can handle load of 4 to 5 kg. What if I replace stepper motor with another upgraded motor (i.e. Nemo 23) to carry more load, or may be use servo motor, WILL THE SAME EASY DRIVER WORK FOR NEW MOTOR OR I HAVE TO CHANGE DRIVER ACCORDINGLY? I wanted to try but worried to damage motor or driver.

I hope I explain my query properly, as I am new to this kind of communication and no one around who can help me this.

Im working on the same project. Unfortunately I dont have an answer for your question, but see you have said you have gotten it working with a smaller stepper motor.

I hope you can help me out because I too am working on the project, using a Nema 17 and bought from Gikfun, their EasyDriver Shield Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967 For Arduino EK1204.

I don’t have any trouble uploading the code, but just all the lights including a blank lit lcd screen is what I end up with-- nothing else happens.

I run the serial monitor, check LCDThe Lcd screen works, “.io Circuits Rocks” usually appears-- IR LED a regular LED blinks fine-- ROTARY ENCDOER MODULE-- -/+ numbers depending on direction and pushing generates an 1 instead of Zero-- Stepper Motor*-- nothing happens ^am I supposed to enter something to check or unplug a wire?^…

Also should I have the option to check the EasyDriver or something?? I only get the 4 choices…

Appreciate if you could help me out.

Hey I did some research on your question:

Known the drivers:

  • Voltage - The maximum voltage that the driver can supply to the motor.
  • Continuous Current - The maximum current that the driver can supply to the motor. !Never use “Peak”!

Amps per phase - This is the maximum current that the motor windings can handle without overheating.

  • Resistance per phase
    OHMS LAW= Voltage rating
    V=IR (Voltage= CurrentResistance)

But some motors are different…

Check this link out… https://learn.adafruit.com/all-about-stepper-motors/matching-the-driver-to-the-stepper

Hello, sorry to bring this old topic again.
but I saw that you solve the code and ware connections.
I hope you can help me .
Am facing some problem regarding this project.

When I run test code LCD monitor is like that.
I recheck the are again and again. and the LCD is not faulty.

Looks like you have the brightness or contrast settings to high.

Thanks for the reply. I recheck them. When I use another code for testing my LCD. It works perfectly.

Is there any other Library for this particular code ./