GPS Location Status Provider


Hello guys! my name is Samuel, I’m a student and I’m really glad I signed up, cause I’m still learning basics of Arduino projects and I just got hit at school with a project. I would like some help with an Arduino project… I want to create a device that once you switch it on acts as a GPS and sends your location to a server on the go(while you’re moving in a vehicle), and would also contain two buttons that once you push either button, it also sends a notification to the server. Now, either of the buttons may say I’m vacant or occupied as a sort of status to the server. I would really like to know what this entails, project materials required and maybe cost of materials, and probably if you can also help with some sort of tutorial or guide as I’m really new at this, I would be grateful too, so I can get to work right away #project is due soon… Thanks


Here are some links that can help you with your project. Good Luck!