GPS tracker on car


hi I am new in arduino world need help for project that help me tracking my car with my smartphone
how to instal GPS module and how matched with android app.


Could you explain that in a little more detail? An Arduino doesn’t have GPS so you’d have to use some additional components. It’s not clear whether you intend to leave your phone in the car to track it, in which case you could just hide your phone in the car with mobile data enabled and share your location with yourself on Google maps.


I mean instal arduino with GPS module in my car and connect it with my phone to lokate my car in case of hijacking it


If you don’t mind me saying, this is a very ambitious project for someone new to the world of Arduino. Unless you have a great deal of electronics experience, I fear you are in for a very steep learning curve and disappointment in the final result. These sorts of devices are expensive to buy off the shelf and for good reason.

You need:

  1. a GPS module that you get the position from
  2. a means of communication (there are too many options here with different advantages and drawbacks to list them all)
  3. power, either from the car battery, or an independent power source to prevent thieves disabling the device by disconnecting the battery
  4. Wiring, housing (where will it be located, does that need a waterproof case, etc.)
  5. For the sake of power and cost, you probably want a motion sensor so that your device only notifies you of its position when there is movement.

How much of this have you considered and decided on? Do you just want help with the GPS module, or the whole project?

I’m sorry if this puts you off, but maybe it’s better to start with a simpler project that you can do well rather than set your sights so high that you’re bound to fail.


thanks for advice I try to learn arduino step by step and let this project another time .