Help getting needed items for my project


Hi All:

I’m a newbie here. I’ve got a circuit that requires 6 channel relay module with optocoupler, 6 solid state relays an arduino UNO board, 2 diodes and 2 capacitors. I am unable to locate all the parts except for the Arduino board. Please I need help to set this up properly by selecting the correct components. I appreciate your help.

Thank you!


Are these parts you’re trying to get from the Circuito virtual lab?


Yes, those are the parts I am trying to get. The relay module connect power to the solid state relays (ssrs) and the ssrs get their 5v from a 12 volt battery. I don’t need the capacitors as I have these on hand but will need to connect them to the board.

Hope you can help.

Thanks a lot.


Hmm…, okay so there’s this feature with the Circuito app that allows you to add parts to the app, kind of like an open source community. So basically you have to add the details of each new component and send it gets sent off to the department in charge of adding new components. Once thats done, you should be expecting a respond regarding the new component.


I wrote that I was unable to locate all the parts except for the Arduino board. Well, thanks for offering to help.


oh ok I see. I thought you meant you cant find it cause they dont have it. Well, thats something I cant help with. But I think I know someone who can help with this problem.


It doesn’t look like they have the items. If they do, I wonder why someone has not come to my aid all this while. Thanks for your help sir. It is truly appreciated.


Can you provide some more info on what you’re trying to make and use.
On, we don’t have SSRs. However, if you’re trying to use a module like this, the interface to the MCU should be similar to that of the 4 channel relay we have, but you might have to make some adjustments.
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.