Help iot pet feeder

how to fix this problem , i have put the ssid , and the password same with my wifi .

Hi there,
this error means that your ESP8266 is not succeeding to connect to the Arduino.

If your esp8266 was flashed with firmware before - it would not work. You need to restore it to manufacturer firmware that supports AT commands.

If that’s not it - Check carefully the RX & TX pins are connected right.

Also, resetting the board (the Arduino) once or twice should help - this would reset the Software Serial connection and give your esp8266 a clean start.

I hope this helps.
Let us know :slight_smile:

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what did you mean “flashed with firmware before” ? is it the esp8266 flashed the blue light?

i’ve tried with 2 different esp8266, the first one it flashed the blue light, and the other didnt

By flashed I meant uploaded. If esp8266 is not fresh from the manufacturer with firmware that supports AT command because you have used it before for other purposes and uploaded other firmware, then the esp8266 needs to be reset to that original firmware for the AT commands to work.

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I have the same problem and the esp8266 is brand-new. The red lamp is burning and everything else is working fine but no wifi…I checked also the RX & TX pins. But I get an error when I upload the code. Maybe this is the reason? What can I do?