Help needed in my project


How can I use and NFC v3 module and L298 Motor driver module with Arduino such that when I first scan the RFID tag, it stores the tag id for security and start the motor in forward direction and when it again scans the RFID tag, it checks against the stored id and if it matches then it will start the dc motor in backward direction. I need the wiring and code for my project.


Have you written any code already? Or did you want someone to provide the code and schematics?


I had written a code but it did not work the way I wanted it to work… so I need some help writing code for it.


I’m not the best at programming so this project of yours will be a little tough. If you want to post the code you used we can work together to see why it wasn’t working.


I’ve also made an RFID scanner before. But it didn’t move any motors. I’m assuming these motors are going to unlock and lock a door correct.