HELP NEEDED...Unsure of my code 4 AUTOFEEDER


Hey if anyone can help me out as I cant figure out whats wrong with my code. Im new to Arduino and cant get my tinyrtc module to trigger the alarm for 5am each day to first activate the servo to open the feeder, which when servo has opened compartment (ie gone from 0 degrees to 180 degrees) the Mosfet will then turn on dc motor for approx 10secs in 1 direction and then stop, which will trigger servo to close the compartment. I need the Arduino Uno to go to deep sleep awaiting the alarm to trigger a wakeup call to cause the circuit to repeat process before going back to sleep and awaiting next days alarm. Any help will be much appreciated as ive become a bit lost in my coding as this is my first attempted project.

schematic of the auto feeder


Could you include the code you have and explain what isn’t working, or what part of the code you don’t understand?