Home Automation using rain drop sensor


Hello, I was having issues interfacing a rain drop sensor with an arduino and sensor. I’am a beginner at coding and i am facing issues inter facing the above. the main motive is that the rain drop sensor will detect the rain and then the servo will rotate to 180 degrees and when it has dried up it will go back to its initial position. PLZ respond quick. [email protected]


Okey-dokey. I’ll call @bhofmann.


Calling @anat will also be okay. Good luck! :wink:


Thanks for the vote of confidence Aiden, but please stop calling me out on replies; I check the forum frequently and read every post.

I did see this yesterday but chose not to reply. I’m not going to answer posts from people who don’t show us what effort they’ve put into making something work, or explained exactly what isn’t working for them. I’ve posted about how people can get the help they seek.

Every post on here is a building block for the “community” this forum will become. As such, I intend to reward people who put in effort and share knowledge. Likewise I’m ignoring people who are here for a free lunch.

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Ok, I’ll stop calling you out.


Thank you Aidan. :slight_smile: :+1: