Home Lighting Automation


Hello, I want to make a lighting automation system with one arduino uno as the central controller and other Arduino Nanos as switches for each bulb. I need all these small arduinos to be able to receive instructions from the central arduino using the NRF24L01 (I dont know if it allows multiple connections).

Then I need users to communicate with the central Arduino through android app usinf wifi ESP8266-01 Am choosing this ahead of bluetooth because i need multiple users in the house to connect

The problem is that when i go to the circuito.io app, it looks impossible to have both modules on one controller. Anyone with a work around?


In this case, nodeMCU and NRF would be a better combo than using Arduino Uno+ESP8266+NRF. The reason is that Arduino Uno and ESP8266 don’t play very well together. See this circuit.
Good luck :slight_smile:


This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks


Great :slight_smile: Glad we could help.
Let us know how the project progresses!
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