How put arduino to full cycle washing machine with touch panel


Hi my friends…

I’m new to this blog … I like the design form, but it does not have a large list of components: '(… I have a doubt in a project to my studies in technological school, someone has been able do with an arduino UNO some conversion of automatic washing machine ??? I know there is one but it is simple, I like the challenges, so I thought about putting a cycle and touch panel program, the truth of the cycle of a washing machine are two engines that we can use a plate of 6 relays:

  • 2 relays for motor direction and wash cycle rotation.

  • 1 relay to remove the mechanical safety of agitator and high velocity rotation of the drum.

  • 1 relay for the water assortment valve (cold or hot).

  • 1 relay (facilitate the notification system).

  • 1 relay (for option of air pump to make bubble pump (washing cycle).

So I am looking to build this project, but I would like to know if we can create something with this. I like the goals :wink:

I am working on the WHILE, IF, ELSE of washing program for strong clothes, delicate clothes and fast clothes.

If someone helps me, we can contribute to a good project.

I know that Arduino can do much more, until notified by Bluetooth / WiFi.

Thanks for any help that someone gives me.

Together we can change the world! or the washing machines :smile: