How to connect EM cabinet lock to Arduino

Hi, I want to know how to connect an Electromagnetic rotary latch lock ( Cabinet Electromagnetic lock) to Arduino and get the feedback ( Open / Close ) status. Lock design is attached below.

Electronic devices typically have a datasheet with all of their characteristics and usage detailed. It’s from these that we’re able to determine how to use them. They’ll often include physical size and electronic limitations and performance details. Does the lock have a model number or some other identification detail that we can use to find the correct datasheet?

I just did a little reading and I’d be surprised if you can. It would seem to me that the cables are there to provide power to the lock - which you could control from an Arduino with the right components (not directly due too the high power consumption that would frazzle the poor Arduino).

If you’re trying to determine whether the door is open or not then I would suggest a different component is used to measure that independently of the lock.

What is it you’re trying to do?