How to connect ESP32 - DevKitC to Fingerprint Scanner - Errors?

Dear Sir/Madam,
In these excellent instructions I came across 2 issues:

  1. According to the Espressif documentation about the ESP 32 Devkit C, one should not connect power to more than one of the 3 inputs (USB, 5V or 3V3). In the wiring instructions however both the USB and the 5 Volts (from 12 V through the Voltage regulating transistor) are supplying power.
  2. In connecting the Fingerprint scanner with the ESP 32, the wiring says " FingerprintScanner Tx to ESP32DevKitC TXD0". Shouldn’t that be “to ESP32DevKitC RXD0” I have so far learned that TX always is connect to RX and reverse wise.
    Kind regards, Bjeurn2