How to connect multiple motor Drivers to Arduino


How do i connect multiple motor Drivers and sensors to Arduino, help me…


I wonder if this link would help:


So it seems that you’ll have n issue with the power supply. You can use a relay to help give out all that power. You’ll also need a battery that’ll be able to sustain all of these components. I’m not too sure what battery you’ll use though. After all, it depends on the components you’re getting. The relay part is easy, Amazon has a 4 channel solid state relay. I like that one personally but you can use the normal mechanical one as well, not a huge difference. Just if you’ll be turning the power on and off a lot the clicking noise the mechanical relay uses will begin to annoy you. The solid state is quieter and better for the long term in my opinion. :smiley:


Thanks for helping brother, if you more details about that, help me, and I’m from India and my English is not well… so sorry for that


Its ok man, your English is terrible. I mean I understood exactly what you were asking. There were a few errors but they were very minor. Don’t worry about it :smiley: Let me know how the project goes, maybe make a video :smiley:


Actually i don’t started making project yet, i want make packbot, and I’m student so i don’t have enough money and knowledge about Arduino, so i decided to save money from pocket money and after that i will start making packbot, but before that I learn to make that packbot.

If u don’t know what is packbot u can search on YouTube, and u will get idea what i want to make, and u can give me better ideas suggestions
Check out this video…

And search dear about packbot :slightly_smiling_face:


OOOOH Ok, I see what you’re trying to make. That will be hard and expensive. You’ll definitely need those motors and a camera. Also, a few servo motors to make the robot arm grip. Good Luck man.


Not exactly like that, but like toy, in i will use servo motors but for running a tank , which motor i should use? Dc?,


By the way thanks again for helping me :grinning::kissing_heart:


hmmm good question. I think DC. Ac requires an inverter and that’ll make the components more complicated, make your robot heavy, and add more expense to your project. Here’s a Quora post I found on the internet that helps further explain this.


Of course man no problem :grin::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses::sunglasses: