I have a project where i need 13 stepper motors to control multiple parts


I have a project where i need 13 stepper motors to control multiple parts what would be the best way to do this??


To control 13 stepper motors, you need 26 available pins on your microcontroller. The only one on circuito.io that has enough pins is the Arduino Mega. You will also need 13 stepper motor drivers and to solve the power issues you’ll have operating so many motors, therefore, it’s important to understand exactly what you plan to do with the motors.
Also, the driver we provide on circuito.io is quite expensive, consider using a cheap A4988 that can be found on ebay.


@anat Question, how would you go about solving the issue of powering the stepper motors. I know a few methods but I’m always open to other ideas.


thanks - Circuito.io seems to limit me to 9 outputs but I thought there where more pins available on the Mega board, but the simulator doesn’t seem to support more than 9. I think I might change it up and use servo motors instead of steppers but I am still thinking about it.



I want to control multiple motor drives and sensors with Arduino.
Can you help me for this project?

Send the circuit photos on my Gmail account,: [email protected]

Please help


I wonder if this link would help: https://youtu.be/QjX4JKU_I9M


Thanks for helping, i want also use 4 dc motors and 6 servo motors, and ultrasound sensors and some other stuff with one Arduino, if you know about that , please help…


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Hey, it’s possible that the app isn’t able to calculate all of the motors at once, but you just need to connect the rest of them like you connected the first nine (to different pins) and you should also add support in the code, similar to how the rest of them are defined.


Well, the optimal solution depends of the use case of the stepper motors, especially, how many motors work simultaneously. Our best guess would be to use a powerful battery.