I need a help with opening app

in my laptop app is not being opened it . when ever i click in app it says terms and service i even click it but a page comes and after that i dond know what to do
i went to the end and after that not thing happen plz help me further

Hey, which browser are you using? Is this issue still happening? Generally, ou need to accept the terms and conditions, then you should see the list of components we have available on circuito.io on your left, and in the middle, a basic circuit with Arduino and power supply. You can drag and drop components from the sidebar onto the circuit in the middle.
Hope this helps :slight_smile: If you need any more assistance, let me know

I am in the same position aashutosh described. I went to the terms of service page, and looked it over closely from top to bottom, and I don’t see any mechanism to indicate my acceptance of them. I am used to seeing an “I accept these terms” button on other platform TOS pages, but I do not see that on yours. I am using Firefox as a browser. I was hoping to use this site to design and document projects for work-related fixtures, but I am stuck on the stupid TOS page that I cannot accept and move past. Sorry for venting frustration, but so far this effort has been a big waste of time. Can someone please help me past the TOS?

(Now watch me discover that I was missing something obvious all along.)

You should see that. Maybe your screen size is too small? If that’s all it is, you can try zooming out with Ctrl and the minus key, or use F11 to toggle full screen mode.