I need help coding an Arduino UNO

For a school project, I need to construct (with an Arduino UNO involved plus two inputs and two outputs) a product that solves a problem.

I have chosen to make a specialised weighted vest for autistic children. My idea is this:

I will use two inputs (a temperature sensor and heart beat sensor) in order to gauge their emotions, which will then trigger two outputs if they are upset: A vibration motor (to calm them down) and a small LED to alert a teacher/parent.

I have very little experience with Arduino, so I’d really appreciate help with coding it!

The are some excellent videos by Jeremy Blum that should help you a lot. Here’s the first one:

Once you’re through all of those I think you should be able to ask for more specific help which I hope I have the time to give.

Good luck and have fun! :smiley: