I need help for my project 'Wearable device'


I’m a beginner to coding as well as electronics. I wanna make a project on pulse sensor. What are the components I’m supposed to use? And can you please help me code too? How is arduino different from photon??? Can you please help me figure it out??


Arduino and photon are both micro-controllers, the photon has on-board WiFi, so you can upload sketches using the particle cloud services only.

the sketches for the arduino can be uploaded from the local computer itself using the arduino IDE.

since you are planning a wearable project i suggest you to use a small micro-controller such as the arduino pro mini / arduino nano / arduino micro

here’s a link showing the connection between a pulse sensor and arduino pro mini using circuito.io (contains test code as well)





Thanks @maayanmigdal


Here are some things that might help you. Its just soe cool wearable projects and wearable devicees education.


My favorite project -> https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/Advanced/punch-activated-arm-flamethrowers-real-firebending-95bb80?ref=tag&ref_id=wearables&offset=1