I need help in creating the program of an automatic irrigation system with lcd

Can you save me again?:frowning:

“Multiple slave-devices are supported through selection with individual slave select (SS), sometimes called chip select (CS), lines.”

This is for an SPI interface: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Serial_Peripheral_Interface

My friend, i make the lcd wiring like this: nokia lcd pin1 vcc to arduino 3.3v
nokia lcd pin2 gnd to breadboard gnd
nokia lcd pin3 sce(but on the circuito sketch pin3 is cs)to arduino3
nokia lcd pin 4 rst to arduino 5
nokia lcd pin5 dc to arduino 4
nokia lcd pin6 dn to arduino 11
nokia lcd pin7 sclk to arduino 13
but nothing hapend,if i put nokia lcd pin8 witch on my lcd is led not sclk in to arduino 13 the lcd lights
But it just lights,nothing apear on the lcd:(

I tried and again tried all possible combinations of wires, fail :pensive: I’m very sad. Do you think neither lcd is the right one? :frowning:

This is all i can do,but if i use the pin8 on my lcd wich is led not sclk :frowning:
If i use the sclk pin,but my lcd sclk pin is pin 7 the lcd does not light…

My friend I’m sorry but I came to the conclusion that the circuit diagram can be wrong. Because I have exactly the same lcd as the circuit diagramat .The link above I arrived at,trying to order the lcd from cicrcuito io.It is exactly like mine, at pin 3 it has sce.all the pins are exactly like the pins on my lcd
Do you have any idea why is not working :frowning: ?

Is it possible to also need a wire to pin 8 led pine?

I had an idea, from the breadboard from 3.3v I took a wire and put it at the 8 led.lcd pin, it lit and vaguely displays the values. In the picture i think you can see.I think it needes some contrast :slight_smile:

if it needs a potentiometer for adjusting the contrast, I happen to have one :)Now I have realized that it displays and without powering the 8 LED pine to 3.3v.But so vague …

Hi, I searched the net for the problem with our lcd. I found on some forums that some people had the same problem with the contrast of the Nokia5110 lcd.They said that the library is the problem.I don t know if the library cand be our problem too,i just said what i find on that forum.I don t want to upset you my frient,i just try to help our project:).So if I’m wrong please don’t be mad at me, I’m just trying to help how I can.You know this project is important for me :slight_smile:

Hey there. I’m sorry but my day job has taken over my life the past few days. I came back to see TEN messages from you!

I think there’s a setting in the code for the contrast. I’ll have a look now…


You can try different values rather than the 60 on this line:

#define LCD_CONTRAST 60

I didn’t want to insist, I’m sorry. I am just very enthusiastic about this project :slight_smile: I will try to adjust the resolution as you have taught me. Thanks.

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It works🎉

:tada::blush:thanks my friend!I try to send a video but i can t.But pictures i can

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When you have time my friend, we can continue what remains to be done.
The temperature and humidity of the air only on the serial display are displayed as a percentage, on the lcd as you can see in pictures,no.Can these two appear on lcd in percent?Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

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Hello my friend i hope you are ok.In my country the population is quarantined at home for a mounth…i wish you all the best!God help us!

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Hi,i hope everything is fine and you are just busy with work :)Have a great weekend!

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We’re in lockdown here as well now. Working from home means I can work from 7am until 6pm or later and then hate the sight of a keyboard. :laughing:

I only have a little cough at the moment - hope it doesn’t get worse and is not COVID-19. Time will tell.

I have not forgotten this project but right now I have so much more on my mind and my children are back home with us from university so I’m spending more time with them as well. Sorry it’s been such a long time since I looked at improving things. :frowning:

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Heloo,I’m glad you are fine:) We will continue the project when the time is right for you my friend.