I need help in making line detector car it's URGENT!


Hello everybody
I need an urgent help
i want everybody please help me in
1.what are the materials that i should use?
2.what are the connections I should use
3.what is the code i should use
please please please its an urgent help as i have to go to an very important meet and i have to show my project up there as the project I made before is broken
please help my workshop is next month please


dear shaurya,

i will try to help you as i could,
for what you want:

  1. car with minimum 2 motor (one motor for side )
  2. 2 IR sensor to detect the line for side
  3. Arduino (micro controller)
  4. H-bridge

and about code can you tell me how much you know it ??


please be with me
but i have one problem that i do not use Arduino (micro controller)
I only use arduino UNO
thankyou once again


arduino is the micro controller, UNO and nanno or maga its same and have a some different(like number of bin)