I need help to make DFPlayer work with Arduino Nano


Hello everybody, this is my first ever electronic project and I need some help. I wanted to listen to music with a DFPlayer and Arduino Nano, but the only thing I got was some little noises at first, but then nothing.
I used circuito.io application to make the circuit.

The electronic components I am using are:

For the code I used Sample code “GetStarted” from the dfplayer site and in the micro sd card I put two songs named “music1” and “music2” (both mp3 format).
I think I was wrong to use the 1k Ohms resistor, because my audio speaker has a higher Nominal Power than the one present in the circuito.io application.
To conclude I wanted to know if you can suggest me a theory book or a site which can teach me what do I need and how can I connect any electronic components to arduino.

Congratulations for your site and its helpful application.
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Hey RGB_Guy, a while back, we made an April fool’s prank project with the dfplayer. You can download the code from the project and start working from there.