I want to control one wheel of an old Hoverboard. That is why I found the arduino to help me

I am a hobbyist and I have a shop where I make all sorts of things wooden, plastic, metal, and now, electronic or digital. I have taken apart computers and used the dvd a cd motors to make auto doors and locks. I take apart things and find a use for them. Recently I found an old hoverboard and took it apart. It has the coolest motorized wheels. They run off of a 36 volt battery; dangerous. I want to be able to control the motor for other projects like raising and lowering a window or opening a door. I purchased the Arduino and the L293D motor module but, it is more than just connecting wires and letting it go. I am very interested in learning to use the arduino. I already know C++ computer programming. I am taking an online tutorial using the elego kit. I will be happy to meet others with similar interests as I.
Have a good day
Tommy (My Christian Name is John, but since I am a bad boy i have to use Tommy; so my mother said about 58 years ago.)