I want to make an automatic watering system for a raised bed garden


hello i need help to make the program for my watering system. i would like to set it up with an arduino uno, 4 soil moisture sensors, a 12V water solenoid valve, and a real time clock. i would like the system to check the soil moisture sensors at 6 pm each day, and if the soil is not moist enough on 3 out of 4 sensors i would like the system to turn on the solenoid valve to allow water to flow through a soaker hose for 5 min. after that i would like the system to wait 10 min. and check again. if the readings are good then the system will not do anything again untill the next day.


Hi Phil1,
Have you check the total pins that will you use for this project? I hope that i/o pins for your UNO is enough for your project. For the coding of your soil moisture sensor, you can you from lot of resources. You can get the coding from hackser.io or your can google for it. It also the same for your solenoid valve coding. My suggestion is you can add 16x2 LCD Dislay i2c so that you can know the moisture of the soil on that particular time. I hope that your project will solve the problem that you faced while gardening Phil1


Hi Phil

We’ve recently had a similar project discussion here. Maybe it’ll help to browse through that to see if you see anything that’ll help: