I want to make an RC car. i need help


in the car I want to also add lights and indicators and would like to make a Bluetooth app.


what kind of help you want ??


i want help of connections and coding


ok if you want we can make it together.

but first give me more details please.


first I want to tell the lists :-
Arduino nano
8 leds (2 front, 2 rear, 4 indicators)
an old rc car
Bluetooth module or wifi module
motor driver (any kind of driver)

now we have to also make an app for this. we will add 4 speed, lights control, and the forward and backward, left and right in the app. if we can add an accelometer module to our project then we can add the speed (mph/ kph) in the app. this will look very premium.

code according to app


you can use a bluetooth app in app store and change every thing you want.


ok but what about the connections and code for this project


we want to do it step by step.

for motor what you want 2 motor or 4 motor ??

and for the light you want to turn it on and off manual or auto ??


motor will be 2 (one for forward /backward and the other for right/ left)
lights will be manual (2 white as headlight, 2 red as backlight ,2 for right indicator and 2 for left indicatior.


we will make such a Bluetooth car that makes us feel premium and also feels that we are driving a real car.


for motor you can make one motor for left side and one motor for right side and for make the car go left or right just change the speed between the to motor.

if left side faster the car will go right like that.

i will search for the app can do this for you but i need some time to find good one.


you can do this but please try for that


how much time do you want. its been a long time, more than a week


i am very sorry,

i am late because i have a bad weak in my job.

in google play app :"Arduino Bluetooth RC Car.

this one i try it, it was not bad.