I want to make m stove wifi and have a touch lcd panel


I have a stove with simple puch buttoms for the oven. I want to get out of work and from my phone be able to turn on the oven so when I get home is hot and I can cook right away. In addition I will like to put a touch screen close by so I can see clear what Im controlling with my phone. Any ideas how can this be possible?


Hi, in general, we don’t recommend to turn on appliances such as stoves when you’re not home and applying this sort of action is done at your own risk. You can either connect to the pushbuttons internally (highly unrecommended) or you can use an actuator (motor or pull-push solenoid) to externally push the buttons. Both of these solutions require high technical skills.
Regarding the LCD, we don’t support touchscreens yet on circuito.io, but you can add a regular LCD with Push buttons or rotary encoder for navigation like we did in the turntable here.