I want to use a power source that is not on Circuito.io


You can use any power supply you want / have to power you circuito if it’s specifications are correct. So here is what you need to check (for safety reasons-make sure you use a proper power source):

  • Voltage - The Arduino barrel jack or ‘Vin’ pin (‘RAW’ on ProMini) recommended voltage is 7-12V, any power supply with this voltage will not harm your circuito, but it doesn’t mean it is sufficient to power your circuito.
  • Current - After making sure your power supply voltage is correct, you must make sure that it can supply enough current to your board and peripherals. You should look for a power supply that can supply at least as much current as the one we recommend. Higher current? No problem, Lower? Your circuit might suffer from power loss if something draws too much current.
  • Note: some circuito components require a specific voltage (e.g. Led Strip - which needs 5V, higher will cause damage, that is why it has its own barrel jack)
  • Batteries: Make sure the voltage is between 7-12V and you are set to go. The current specification of a battery determines how fast it will discharge.