Improve the use interface


This is a request to the stakeholders to add some more functionalities in the user interface to be able to capture a screenshots of the schematic design developed on the web app and or save it to the user offline media.In essence this will show the appropriate connections of wiring and soldering where necessary. It practically will act as a tutorial or guide.Some students act on ti from campus where the internet is available but away from isn’t. Secondly, the app be enabled with functionality to list and or tally the user or the developers incorporated components in the design or development tools required where this can help in prerequisite budgeting and procuring the hardware before one can embark on the main programming activity.



Hi Alexis, Thanks for your feedback and nice ideas. I’ll be sure to pass them on to our team.
Have a great day!


Hi Alexis

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the Project Guide tab on the main app. It takes you to a new web page that includes a BoM (Bill of Materials) which lists all the components in your design as well as “Wire” which lists the connections for each component in your project - great for soldering and connecting things.

I believe someone else has also asked for the ability to capture the diagram as a Fritz file, so maybe they’ll include a screenshot version of it as well. If the diagram fits on your screen, you could take a screenshot as a temporary workaround.

Hope that helps


Don’t worry, Alex, you can also bookmark your project. I use this method every time I design a circuit.