IoT pet feeder - Wifi init failed


Hello. I’ve got a problem with launching the pet feeder from

Having connected everything, I perform the serial port test which then hangs on:

Initializing device…
Baudrate set success
Station + softAP - Error, Reset Board!
Wifi Init failed. Check configuration,

The test doesn’t proceed any further to check servo, speaker or PIR.
Inputting my Wifi SSID and password in Firmware.ino doesn’t help. Nor does switcing RX and TX on the ESP8266 (if I do, the device doesn’t even initialize).

I would be eternally grateful if someone told me what else can be done.

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Oooh… I wish @anat was here!

From aidancuckoo



Have you made a change to the code to verify that the upload from your PC to the controller worked? Maybe change the word “start” to “Starting” just to verify that the SSID and password are indeed being transferred to the controller. You could even add a line to print the SSID


I’m not sure whether the WiFi initialization fails because the previous step failed:

Station + softAP - Error, Reset Board!

Have you tried resetting the board? Maybe power off for a while?



No luck. The only thing I can say now is that the “Wifi init failed” prompt came from ESP8266.cpp as opposed to the similiar one from Firmware.ino.